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The Iran Blizzard

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The Iran Blizzard

The Iran blizzard was very deadly. It killed 4,000 people. Also 200 villages were wiped out. This happened because of 26 feet of snow. All this snow came down on February 3rd to February 9th 1972.

This all started with a 4 year drought. Next the snow storm came to Iran on February 3rd. It continued for 6 days and ended February 9th. In southern Iran there were 26 feet and a total of 4000 deaths out of the entire Iran.

The cause of the snow was a 4 year drought. The effect was 26 feet of snow and 4000 deaths, with a total of 200 villages destroyed. Those villages were off the map.

Iran got 26 feet of snow compared to three feet of snow in Our blizzard the year 2013.Also there was a 400 death toll in their blizzard and in ours the was a 5 death toll. The Iran blizzard wiped out 200 villages and our blizzard wiped out some electricity in some buildings. The similarities are we both got more than 2 feet of snow.

The problem is that Iran got 26 feet of snow in 6 days so entire towns were buried and people were trapped under snow. The solution was that Iranian rescue workers came to save them on planes but no bodies were found in some towns.


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